The Wellness RE-Set is the ‘Holistic wellness’ approach.  

Hit that RE-Set button! That’s what I say when I want a “do over”, a start over moment, you know when things aren’t happening for you in the body you’re in!
You feel off, stressed.. Like you have a bug that won’t ever just go, your skin looks and feels tired, you’re tired! You have pain all the time; headaches, hip and low back pain, and you sit most all the day! And lets not even talk about weight! Right?
There are days you don’t want to get out of bed because of all the stuff waiting for you to do, you feel like you’re spinning and ready to loose it!

Take a deep breath, and another… I totally get where you are, I’ve been there! You feel like everyone else has this healthy ‘thing’ down and you have no idea where to start and you’re still TIRED!
What if I told you I could help you get to the place where you looked forward to getting up and going to workout, or just happy to get up!

Living tired, and not whole will bring you way down. So far down you forget how to get up. Stress on top of eating poorly, on top of stress, on top of chronic pain, on top of stress, on top of no exercise, on top of stress… you get the picture. This is no way to live!

With a few simple and supported changes you can start RE-setting your wellness for your lifetime!

I like to call myself a Wellness Wizard, I love food, really good food mind you, and I like to keep moving so I had to find the things that worked to keep me healthy and I am a warrior against stress.
I’m passionate about getting people healthy, and I believe with help we can all get to a level of healthy with the magic of whole food, a new plan for getting moving and a strategy for over coming stress!
I really don’t believe the idea that a pill or surgery or some other form of invasive therapy is what we need to live and be happy. We have the power to heal, get strong, and manage tough things within our selves.

I have found by learning to manage stress with simple routines, medical bodywork sessions, exercising daily, and eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet has changed my life.

I have always been active and eaten pretty well, I thought, but I suffered almost daily from migraine headaches, fluctuations in weight, my skin was never the best, and I was almost always in the blues. Once my routine changed and I set a goal for myself everything fell into place. I, of course fell off the proverbial wagon, a few times! Mostly because I didn’t have anyone to talk things through who had done this or was a leading expert in this field and lets face it 25 years ago there weren’t many folks out there eating vegetarian or vegan for that matter. You were lucky to find someone who exercised daily.

Well, now you have a partner! Together we’ll build a plan for you with your goals in mind. We’ll look at where you are now, and where you want to be. Every step of the way I’ll teach you how to change your mindset for better diet and lifestyle choices. This can be learning to say “no” so you stay out of over load, give you some great de-regulating breathing techniques and meditation practices to lower blood pressure and feel oh so much better.

Let me just say a few words about the word D-I-E-T. This little word has become something we have learned to hate, most of us cringe a little when we hear it thinking it means limits, denying myself foods we love. But with me this isn’t the case, diet is just a word that means what I live on!
I’ll teach you about food, the wonderful life giving, body fueling veggies, grains, fruits and more we need and rarely get. I’ll teach you how to shop, how to cook and share some great ideas for keeping prep time to a minimum and for keeping your fridge organized and efficient, with little planning.  So much so it would make Martha Stewart jealous!

My biggest desire is to help you get ‘Whole’ and full of life!  Laughing and having fun all along the way!!


(W)Hole Wellness Plan

Need help understanding what options are out there for your specific situation and needs?  Here I can assist you in a number of ways. Whether it’s Whole Food Plant Based Nutritional support, therapeutic medical bodywork to get you out of chronic pain, or a plan to get you out of stress mode and into calm empowered mode, you are in the right place!  If finding the right fit for you is what you need we create a strategic plan for you, or if you just need a motivational and accountability partner to get you on your way back to exercising…I can help. We discuss and dig into your information and put together a plan that you feel good about and one that gets real results!

(W)Hole Wellness …initial consult is 1.5 hours $ 110     Plans start at $195

The Wellness RE-Set 

This program includes 5- bodywork sessions here at the office, a stretching & simple exercise routine to do at home. A 5 day meal plan will start us off, from there we can use it to start to build a menu together so you get the hang of planning for your life! I will teach you a simple guided meditation that are easy & not so strict on “clearing your mind”. This guides you with tangible queue’s that connect to and anchors you to feel safe, peaceful, loved and empowered. And loads more. When you’re ready contact me or set your appointment on line! I am so excited to jump in on the journey with you!

The Wellness RE-Set is $1250.
For Patient advocate services call for more information.