5 Must Have Products To Keep Our Planet Green

When it comes to keeping our planet green you don’t have to sign up for a big campaign to make a difference.

I strongly believe that small individual efforts can have a REALLY big impact. If we look closely at the little changes we can make to cut down on waste and utilize more sustainable products, these can be huge game changers, too.

A great way to make a difference without having to learn too much or spend too much, is to keep these top 5 things in your tote/purse all the times.  Then you won’t have to add more things to the landfill, nor add to our sadly growing plastics issue. Plus, some of these can be customized to make them really feel like you and to have a bit of fun with.

#1) Water bottles are a must.

I harp on the hydration theme to all of my clients. Most of us just weren’t or still aren’t drinking enough water! Research shows if you have water ready and available you will drink 75% more than if you have to go to the faucet or water dispenser to fill up your glass. Therefore, please dispense with the bottled water from grocery stores and instead buy a large reusable non-plastic water bottle. I love Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask (as well as Joco cup – see my next point).

I have had both for literally years. My last HyrdroFlask has been with me at least 9. It’s noticeably worn and dented but I still travel with it everywhere and carry one or 2 into my office every day!


#2) Have (your own) cup of joe.

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, this one’s a no brainer. Globally we use over 1 million disposable coffee cups a minute, and only a small percentage are recycled. While some are paper, they are lined with plastic and hard to recycle; or they’re just not separated out correctly to be recycled. Not to mention the 4 billion (yes B- billion) trees that are felled and used for paper.  So why not grab a reusable coffee cup?  Two that I really like are the Joco cup and the Ecoffee Cup.


Born out of a personal protest in 2008, to the mounting threat of plastic and single use waste, the Joco brand was birthed.  These cups are modern and forward thinking with a glass that is designed to be stronger and lighter than regular glass and a rollable straw that you can carry on your key ring! They are beautifully designed to fit your hand and have an artist series for personality!  https://jococups.com/

The Ecoffee Cup was created from a huge appetite for change in a world of ever-growing landscapes of overflowing landfills. This cup is made of a natural fiber, corn starch & resin mix. They have a huge line of designs to support your own flare as well as eco minded designs to support the idea of caring for the planet.  There is an array of designs, patterns and colors.  https://ecoffeecup.com/


#3) Reusable totes and produce bags.

In a world where we want to reduce the use of plastic, there are still SO many single use plastic bags made of petroleum and gas being used in excess today.  I find cotton muslin or mesh bags a more or less “peace of mind” item to always have in my car or my bag.

I know my bags are clean and when I put my produce in them, they will last twice as long as they would in non-breathable plastic. Once home I just make sure they are damp before I put them in my fridge and produce is happy for up to a week or longer. Once the produce is done, I wash them and hang to dry and reuse again.

My large totes are great for grocery days.  I don’t need to worry if they will rip or if I need to double bag. I also don’t get caught having to buy a plastic bag when I’m out and make that last-minute trip to grab a few things.  If you keep one in your purse you will always have a sack to help you carry your purchases without the guilt of using or buying plastic!


#4) Suck on this.

I knew that straws have caused all sorts of issues for our avian and ocean friends. The #stopsucking movement has gained huge traction and for good reason! We really don’t need this tube of plastic to enjoy our beverages. Now, if you are saying to me right now, “Are you kidding me!? I can’t drink my _____ without one!” then get a reusable straw.

Having your own reusable (and washable) straw not only helps our wildlife friends, it also cuts down on germs passed onto you when using those plastic ones. There are great options from metal to silicone and compostable paper. I tend to lean towards the reusable things to cut down on all the single use items so here are two of my favorites. Metal straws are most easily available from your local Whole Foods market to online stores.  Asobu Eco-friendly and The Last Straw (from the UK) come in their own case. Joco also has a very convenient straw that comes in its little nest and is classy! You can attach it to your key ring or keep one in your purse pocket.


#5) Thinking of our pups!

For those of us who take our dogs everywhere, there are ways to cut down on waste here, too. First, potty bags. Again, when faced with the plastic option it’s just not a choice for me, so I hunt for compostable doggie potty bags. Some can be quite flimsy and I question if my hands will stay clean (eek!). Two brands that I’ve found to be best for the job are Pets N Bags and Earth Rated.

Second, on those long hikes, we need a travel bowl. I’ve found Earth Hero’s silicone collapsible Beco Bowl to be long lasting and it folds flat to keep in my backpack. I’ve also used Coalatree’s Hound Basin for the bigger drinkers and eaters. It’s made of rip-stop waxed recycled canvas and inside repurposed durable water repellent quick dry canvas. Super flat when you need to be conscious of your space.

More questions on sustainability? Shoot me a note via email or find me on Instagram @SuzanneLautzSingh.

Hugs and High-fives!


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