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Building Your Temple

By March 28, 2013June 30th, 2013Assorted Topics
Your Body is Your Temple

Your Body is Your Temple“Our body is our temple.” It’s true, isn’t it? Where do we spend each and every day of our life? In our body! So often, as we get busy with life, our body is the first thing to get neglected. So we’re in a rush…“Let’s grab something quick to eat.” So we’re tired…“Let’s skip the work out and lay on the couch.” So we’re feeling overwhelmed…“Let’s not meditate or evaluate but turn on the television for an escape.”

The result is a tired, unhealthy body and mind. But that’s our temple! How can we spend every day of our life in a temple that’s not maintained?

Honestly—and trust me, I’ve done this myself—finding a “partner” or a “coach” to help get you on track is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

Discuss your downfalls with your coach, then from here, develop your action list. What is it you want to improve? How can you eat healthier? When can you get some exercise in?

For example, I had one client who came to me feeling sluggish and worn down. We talked about the current state of her body and what she wanted to improve. As it turned out, she just needed some guidance with healthy eating choices. As a busy woman with a successful career, she was finding herself choosing convenience first and foremost. I was able to work with her on developing a go-to list of nutritious food choices for when she was in a time crunch.

We also talked about setting daily physical activity goals. I always remind my clients that something is better than nothing. For this client, we were able to sketch out a plan that worked for her weekly schedule, including simple and enjoyable walks with her family or friends on those beautiful evenings. Because she also wanted to focus on improving her overall strength, I was able to give her a variety of exercise routines and goals that would improve her overall fitness level.

But, and I tell this to so many people, you can’t just focus on building your muscles. You have to include time to treat your muscles for their hard work. This is why I always incorporate massage into my clients’ regular health plans. So many people consider massage a “luxury” or a treat for themselves. Not so! The stimulation of sore or tense muscles has an incredible ripple effect throughout the body. I like to think of it as treating your temple to what it deserves! Massage brings both incredible physical benefits and spiritual/mental benefits.

A strong physical, mental and spiritual body is what makes our temple (our body) durable for a lifetime!

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