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Hi Everyone!

I will be continuing to post short articles for you to expand your awareness in the wellness field and to help you step into a effortlessly beautiful healthy new you! Each month you will read about some of the techniques, or practices I feel are so important for you to engage in to expand your bodies, and mind! My site, programs, and information is not about fluffy “quick in, quick out” massages, weight loss or diets that add to the ever expanding pile of fad loss thingies out there. They are here to help you get healthy and GAIN amazing components that may be buried under stress or neglect of your awesome-sauce self!

Better Handle Stress

My programs, and sessions are geared to help you love yourself while finding the healthy, strong earth walker that can handle that super stress day at the office and be able to come home and plug into your own divine self more quickly and with more assurance. This will come from what you and I will frame up together! The time you spend on my table and with me, builds the path to your own routine that will ultimately create your healthy and energetic day to day love of your own super galactic vehicle (aka your body)! I hope each of these little knowledge hits will educate you into seeing what may be missing and how together they make the complete circle of wellness in your life!

Improve Your Well Being: Medical & Relaxation Benefits of Massage

Massage is one of the most influential techniques available for both medical and relaxation benefits. As a complementary and as a primary approach, massage is one of the most significant natural treatments available to enhance one’s physical and emotion well being.

Relieves Sore Muscles & Joints

Massage helps the body recover after intense physical exertion by reducing muscle inflammation. When one area of the body is strained, the effects can be felt throughout. Massaging the pained area relaxes the muscles and any overcompensation from other muscles is lessened.

Acute and chronic pains are managed using massage. Stiff joints are eased and allow for greater flexibility and range of motion. For example, people suffering from arthritis may find relief from regular massage treatments. Many people find it a beneficial approach to treating persistent migraines. Muscle cramping and spasm are relaxed with various massage techniques, allowing greater overall physical comfort.

Improves Immunity

Studies have shown how massage improves one’s immune system. A strong and well-functioning immune system allows one to fend off illness more efficiently, as well as recover from illness faster. Massage improves the circulation of the blood and lymphs, which promotes muscle recovery, growth, and the body’s healing process. High blood pressure can be controlled using regular massage treatments. It also aids in the regeneration of skin tissue, and many people suffering from burns have reported positive effects from different massage therapies.

Medical doctors have been more frequently recommending massage for patients recovering from surgeries. This is due to the therapy’s stimulation of endorphins, which encourages the body’s natural healing functions. As a result, regular massage treatments also helps reduce reliance on medical prescriptions for pain management.

ClarityMental Clarity & Serenity

Often, the most appreciated effects from massage is the physical and emotional relaxation one feels following a session. Studies have shown how massage reduces levels of depression and anxiety through the stimulation of hormones oxytocin and serotonin. This vast improvement to one’s mental health also lends to increased feelings of empowerment, serenity and self awareness.

Increases in Energy

The relaxation effect of massage also greatly improve bouts of sleeplessness and can help people suffering from insomnia to get regular rest.

When one’s energy levels are improved and metabolism increased through massage therapy, it is easier to lead a generally more fulfilling life. Many people have also reported bursts in creativity following a massage treatments. Perhaps your next “block” could be solved using this natural healing process?

There are a variety of massage techniques available to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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