I believe we can all get to the place of great health & feeling good. Sometimes we just need a compass.

There are times in our lives where stress and disconnect happens. We get turned around and distracted from how we need to fuel ourselves.  The demands of life take over and we fall prey to fast prepared foods and overeating. We forget to make ourselves #1.

I am here to throw you that lifeline!  Together we can get you back to a healthy, energized, active life!

If you have been trying to get healthy or to shed pounds but can’t seem to get or keep them off, or  you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease process and wonder if there are other options out there? If you ever feel like you want to face plant on your desk at the 2:00 time and struggle to have any energy through the day, your diet may be key to it all!

I am going to show you the magic to getting healthy, strong, tons of energy and staying lean!

The Whole Food Plant Based way of life allows your body to function the way it was made to! You will find more energy than you ever thought you could have, you will drop pounds without feeling like you are missing out, and any chronic conditions will recede or resolve.

The old paradigm of diets have changed and looking at food as fuel will energize your body and make food shine in a different way.

We see the change happening, people eating with their health in mind to live longer fuller lives. For those of us with family history of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, we want to change the odds to lean in our favor.  People in the spot-lights are declaring it loud and proud like Bill Clinton, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Woody Harrelson and more.

The paradigm is shifting, The Standard American Diet is no longer the standard and to feel great, and be at your most desired health, this is the first step! Whole Food Plant Based Fuel!

1 Hour Initial Consult  

In this 1 hour session we can review your overall health and what specifics you are looking to refine in your diet.  We will discuss your concerns and health, what goals you are trying to reach and decide what plan will work best for you.  I tailor a program built for your specific needs.  I will share a 3 day meal plan with recipes and guidelines.   This session can also be used for grocery store trip, Pantry/Fridge over hall, or for a more in depth weekly coaching session.  Call for more information.

1 Hour Consult……$95

10 Day Quick Detox  


This 10 day session allows us to get things rolling fast! Starting off with a 3-5 day intense juice cleanse that jump starts the body and gets you ready for the deeper 30 Day Kick Off.   This is for those of you who have done some similar things before, but need to get back on the clean and lean plan!

10 Day Quick Detox,…..$150

Arbonne 10 Day Detox also available.

30 Day Custom Kick Off  

30 Days to Transition is a whole food plant based plan for those who have no idea how to get to the healthy, supportive way of nourishing their bodies. After our initial consultation the plan lays out our 30 day approach, the grocery field-trip, pantry purge, cooking demo, a 6 day meal plan that we will build off for the next 24 days, & an over all map to eating Whole Food – Plant Based. We will have weekly check-ins to keep you motivated and supported.
This plan is a 30 day commitment.  This plan is idea for those trying to reduce pain, get heart healthy, manage diabetes, general weight loss or  who just want to get healthy.

The 30 Day Kick-Start and prep plan is $250;


30 Days To Healthy Living and Beyond 

 This is an 4 week program designed for you.  I will gather all your specific information to calculate your RMR (resting metabolic rate) and better understand your body’s needs and structure.  I will create a weekly plan to build off, super infuse you body with nutrient dense foods. I will help educate you to keep this mind set and program completely obtainable and to make it your new lifestyle.

I will be supporting you every step of the way with weekly check ins, tips, and helping you through any questions you have along the way!

30 Day and Beyond…..(call for pricing)


6 Month Custom Living the Lifestyle 

This commitment to changing your Lifestyle to the Plant Strong way of life can be daunting.  Over this 6 month plan you will have access to all the above plans contents plus 3 weeks of cooking done together or I can prepare and set you up for the first three weeks, taking that task off the to do list initially.  You will have all the support, links, recipes, and tools you will need to living fully, pain free and at the most optimal health you have ever experienced!  Past Clients have experienced weight loss of 5-10 lbs per month, not every one is the same but all my clients have reduced their chronic pain, reported feeling more energetic, and those followed closely by their physician have noted large drops in cholesterol and blood sugars to normal levels.  This is all based on you making this change to the Plant Based Lifestyle!

Please call or email for specific details on your customized plan.