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I Accept My Uniqueness

My morning started out like most, got up light my candles, grabbed coffee for my peeps and me. Then I sit and have my time with prayer, meditation, journey, board meeting in my head; what ever name you want to give it.

That’s usually it, then it’s grab the dog and head to the park for our run and time in nature. This morning it was crisp, chilly and a slight frost was still present enough to make the grass crunch when we walked across it. In one of the dormant trees in the southwest end of the loop we run sat a large hawk watching us and monitoring for a morning meal. I really love this little area it’s full of wildlife, and quiet enough at these times of the morning that it gives me the luxury of just being.

Then I can let my mind roll wherever the need or pull of it should take me.

This morning my mind went to the work I have been doing with the Re-Set program. During some of these sessions I have encountered that our old ways of thinking seem to have a way of needling us into thinking we need to be more. They get in our way.  All the “if only I could’s” that rolled around in my own mind appeared. Then I stopped and reminded myself what a truly amazing gift we all have in being just who we are. Without my yoga teacher I wouldn’t be as connected to my body as without her. Without the gifts of my painting teacher’s I would never have found my own little bit of artistic worth.

I am grateful for who and how I am. I can push for expansion and for improvement no doubt, we all can do that; our potential gives us that drive for the push.

I Accept My UniquenessI am grateful for each and everyone who has come into my life. Even those who have challenged me, and by challenge I don’t mean always in good ways! That is when I have learned the most. The challenges lately are the destructive competition that is bubbling under the surface of so many things these days. Like there won’t be enough and as greedy little children we have to grab what we can at any cost. I have seen it in places it shouldn’t be like within families, I have seen it in my business, and sadly we experience it every year at this time, during the shopping expeditions.

I feel sad by where most of us go with the competitive lines, and that it is handed down in families as a great quality. It is a misplaced drive in most circumstances.

Really, is this where we want to be? Where is our individual creativeness to be unique? So we can be gifted by what others have to share! No one is better than another ever!  And there will always be something for us.

I would ask that during these times of thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday’s that you take time to remove your competitiveness, to look at each person and acknowledge their individual gift that you can be grateful for. Step into your own unique creativeness and shine like the stars, beautiful one! Re-set your stage for “I am so glad I am’s” and erase the “if only I could’s”

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