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Physical-Spiritual Alignment

Physical-Spiritual AlignmentOne of the greatest feelings I’ve experienced is knowing I am physically and spiritually aligned. What does that mean?

It has to do with the relationship of our physical selves with our spiritual selves. Having proper alignment within our two states of being is essential for our entire health and wellness.

Our spiritual side is deeply connected with our physical in the sense that the different alignments we practice physically help us achieve new levels of awareness by stimulating our internal energy. Opening our bodies in various postures improves how our meridians, or energy pathways, connect with different parts of the body and the body’s systems. What results through a practice of spiritual and physical alignment is improved wellness.

Our bodies have different chakras, or energy centers, that when stimulated with proper alignment allow us to achieve optimal mind-body-soul balance. I’ve had many people talk to me about how persistent and uncomfortable problems, such as migraines or even acid reflux, have faded and even disappeared through the regular practice. What once felt hopeless now feels, well, amazing! I’ve seen so many people improve their entire lives through a bit of practice and concentration.

Becoming physically and spiritually aligned allows us to increase our flexibility, relax both physically and mentally (imagine, those stresses of life no longer run through your mind constantly and you are able to accept each day as it is!) and develop a sense of calmness and serenity, and even allow us to make better sense of our place within the world as a whole.

For everyone who doubts the effectiveness, I say this: for centuries, men and women have been using physical alignment practices to become more in-tune with their spiritual selves. So talk to me! What are you feeling? Do you desire more enlightenment? More confidence? More appreciation for things? Or what about that sense of power that comes from strength?

Like all things in life, practice helps us improve. By setting a goal and planning the steps to reach that goal, we feel empowered. Feeling empowered, physically and spiritually, lets us live our life at a whole new level.

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