Medical Bodywork goes beyond massage therapy.

It is advanced soft tissue management for pain relief and improved physical performance.

I restore health and balance to injured, overworked, muscles and surrounding structures.

When someone walks into my studio, in pain, stressed, frustrated with their current condition I explain that we will make positive changes to get you where you want to be.

I am a results oriented gal, and most of my clients are as well. That is why this form of therapy changes everything!

Whether you’re a highly stressed office worker with aches and pains, professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or trying to recover from an injury or surgery, I thrive on the challenge of figuring out what course of treatment will work best for you. We couple that with healthful nutrition that fits your busy schedule to recalibrate the body.

The combined approach, which often involves using different therapies to help alleviate your symptoms, is often the most exciting part. As an advanced soft tissue practitioner, certified in ART, we will evaluate and address the soft tissue to start the process of releasing scar tissue, adhesions and entrapped nerves.  With Active Release Technique and complimentary therapies of Neuromuscular therapy, fascial release and active stretching, your pain is relieved and performance will increase.

These therapies include:

  • Active Release Technique®
  • Neuromuscular Therapy & Trigger Point Release Therapy
  • Muscular Energy Techniques 
  • BEMER Wave Therapy
  • Active Stretching
  • Myo-fascial 
  • Deep Tissue Massage

Active Release Technique®

ART® is a patented soft tissue technique that treats issues in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia (connective tissue), and nerves. A multitude of soft tissue conditions can benefit from ART®. These conditions all have one important similarity: they are frequently the result of overused muscles, causing micro-tears in the muscle,  scar tissue and adhesions form and eventual loss of function within a region of the muscle group becomes apparent.  With the overuse of muscles, the scar tissue restricts the ease of glide between the muscles, fascia and nerves. This restriction can cause your muscles to become weakened, shortened, and tendons to become tight, resulting in reduced range of motion, loss of strength, and pain. In cases where a nerve is trapped, you might experience tingling, numbness, and weakness as well.  ART® protocols were designed to break up the scar tissue and free the entrapped nerves.

Neuromuscular Therapy & Trigger Point Release

Neuromuscular Therapy is deep-tissue therapy that addresses the referral pain pattern. When trigger points are found, static pressure is used to stimulate the problem area or trigger point to release. This soft-tissue manipulation tells the central nervous system to find a new pathway and brings the body back into homeostatic balance, relieving referred and central pain.

Muscular Energy Techniques

Muscular Energy Techniques actively uses a patient’s muscles from a controlled position, with movement in a specific direction against a therapist-executed counterforce. This is another way to alleviate pain, increase range of motion, and release stressed muscles.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a release of the connective tissues being restricted by scar adhesions, injuries, or repetitive motion ‘injury’. This therapeutic technique involves holding pressure and working the tissue to release the restricted barrier or tension, eliminating pain and restoring motion in the process.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage involves heavier pressure than Swedish Massage, and penetrates deeper into the muscles to release tension and improve blood flow.

Who is this for…

Those suffering from pain, chronic conditions, going through physical rehab, or trying to increase athletic performance.

Whether you’re suffering from migraines, carpal tunnel and back pain from sitting in a desk 8 hours an day, a past injury, a current sports injury, Parkinson’s, medical massage therapy can significantly reduce your long-term symptoms—by relaxing muscular contractions, releasing scar-tissue adhesions and releasing entrapped nerves.

Regular therapy sessions can help with the daily management of your condition and help increase the number of “feel-good” days between sessions.  However this is not a one and done kind of approach. Some clients feel a change with 1 session, most clients will see and feel changes after 3-5 sessions and will typically reduce their discomfort significantly.  Once we get ahead of the issue a maintenance plan is the best way to continue feeling at the peak of your physical condition.

Professional athletes & weekend warriors

As a lifelong athlete myself, I know the frustration that results from injuring yourself.

You want to get back in the game as soon as possible—and having someone who understands the challenges of high-impact training, muscle fatigue and injury is important.

Sports bodywork therapy uses a combination of techniques to alleviate acute or chronic problem areas—leading to reduced inflammation, less pain and suffering, accelerated recovery and future injury prevention.

Stress Management

Relaxation massage therapy helps your body to unwind and relax—and research shows that touch alone can reduce blood pressure and calm nerves.

By making time to reduce your stress, you’re simultaneously improving your health.

Also: Ask about our meditation coaching and classes.

Medical BodyWork Sessions 

Sessions at Our Studio
Routine sessions last between 30 to 55 mins: $105;

Customized plan, start at $125

***Tax exempt for Doctor & Chiropractor referrals, just bring a letter or script for Active Release Technique***

Sessions at Your Location (within a 15-mile radius of Hyde Park, Ohio)
call to request availability

Package Plans at My Studio
Five 1-Hour Sessions: $495
Ten 1-Hour Sessions: $895

Corporate Pricing
2 Hour Minimum—allow for 15 minutes per person: $200 per hour

Group Rates Available

Call 513-827-0079 to book your appointment or receive more info. Or you can contact me using my online form.

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