Suzanne works with a wide variety of people from professional athletes, weekend warriors, and those trying to get out of pain and improve their quality of life:

I have been honored to work with some the most elite athletes in and around Cincinnati, and a few beyond!  I have always been impressed by their drive and determination to keep their bodies preforming optimally and they’re professionalism.  Not to mention their great fun attitudes when we worked together to get them back to being at the top of their games!!

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me& MJohnson

“thank you for the excellent massage I received yesterday.  Suzanne you really helped the areas which were giving me problems.  I slept well the night before and I went from doubting whether I could complete the Marathon to having a personal best!  I just wish I lived in the area, as I would certainly become a regular.”

Bob Howard

Tucson, AZ

chrischanySince starting at “Medical Massage Cincinnati” over a year ago, I have greatly improved my overall physical capability and the overall quality of my life.  Your massages provide such wonderful relief from the aches, pain and muscle cramping that are associated with PD.  I can now complete most daily tasks with ease that many PD patients find so difficult to do.  And this allows me to “live & enjoy life” much more fully………yes, this does include fly fishing, of course!

Chris Chaney, Morrow, OH

johnherderingAfter having major back surgery in November 2012 and nine months of physical

therapy I was suffering from pain and numbness. My doctors told me that these

symptoms may just be a result of the surgery; my physical therapist suggested that

I see a massage therapist to see if they could help with my symptoms. I have been

a client of Medical Massage Cincinnati since November 2013, Suzanne’s

utilization of active release therapy and trigger points allows her to find nerves that

are impinged and relieve the pressure on them. As a result of Suzanne’s treatments

I am able to go through extended periods where my symptoms are all but gone.

Without Suzanne’s treatments my quality of life would be greatly diminished.

John Herdering

Cincinnati, OH

“If you are suffering from a frozen shoulder, you need to run, not walk to Suzanne Singh. As a certified Neil-Asher Technique Therapist she is an agent of healing. After months of research, I discovered that NA is the safest, most effective treatment for frozen shoulder. It is a proven, all natural, drug-free method that will not only reduce pain but help restore your range of motion in a relatively short period of time. In addition, Suzanne is warm, friendly, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. After only four sessions, my pain was under control and I was sleeping through the night. I am now practically pain-free and my range of motion has improved by over 85%. Thank you, Suzanne!!”

Candy Marballi

Cincinnati, OH