My work is based on helping you
relieve your pain and get back to life.

I work with you to give you back your power, then empower you to make changes to live your best life!


Get Relief from pain, fine tune the athlete, recover and rehab.

The techniques I use are proven to reduce chronic issues associated with soft tissue dysfunction. As an athlete who has over-trained,  injured,  had post surgical discomfort and felt like I had not fully recovered, addressing soft tissue was crucial in my own wellness plan.  Unfortunately soft tissue dysfunction is often over looked.   Scar tissue and adhesion from these types of situation can build up over time, can go deeper, causing chronic migraines, limits range of motion, and pain.  Once fluid movement of muscle is restored, pain is relieved, performance increases. Learn more about our Bodywork services…

ARP Wave Therapy

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery and Performance. ARP wave Neuro Therapy treatment drastically decreases chronic pain, increases range of motion, accelerates recovery time and improves physical performance – all without drugs of any kind! This innovative therapy is different than every other type of pain treatment. All other therapies treat the physical symptoms and only provide temporary relief. ARP wave Neuro Therapy finds and treats the source of that pain, where it originated, and eliminates the physiological pain. Learn more about our wave services, or contact me directly at 5113.827.0079

Nutritional Coaching

I pull from my life & training as a Whole Food Plant Based nutritionist, I work with my clients 1:1 helping them make life long changes to live healthier lives. Here, “diet” doesn’t mean something short lived to get some fast results. It is about how we fuel our bodies for the rest of our lives. Together we will build new patterns for you to gain energy, get healthy & we’ll have fun! Learn more about our Nutrition services…


To learn more about Medical Massage Cincinnati, please call 513-827-0079 or use our contact form.

SL Crop


The Healing Mission

What I do is beyond massage, beyond a health coach,  I’m a wellness wizard & it’s my desire to assist every one of my clients to achieve their optimal heights of health and wellbeing. I take an integrative approach to your health and wellness to reverse the negative effects of muscle overuse, poor nutrition, toxins in the body,  damaged soft tissue, and remove pain throughout your body. Together we will look at your overall health, range of motion, nutrition base, exercise level, and I’ll show you the magic of a holistic approach to create a personal care plan that will work for you. I want you to feel fantastic, and start thriving not just living!

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