Carrying That Purse Can Be a Pain!!


Many of my female clients (and now men) have chronic complaints centered on neck and back issues?

While there may be many I am sure, perhaps the most prominent is the way we load our purses, gym bags, backpacks and carry on’s.  If you are a parent, how many times have you carried more than one bag on those shoulders, trying to keep up with your kids?  The everyday purse weighs on average nearly 8 pounds! My personal bag is probably 10-15.  A diaper bag, or backpack has the possibility of more weight.   That kind of weight carried on one shoulder throws off your posture and gait.  Thus causing your body to quickly compensate.  The neck, shoulders, and back muscles, are put under excess strain, even your hips and legs are affected. Now add to this a pair of high heels and you have the right components for a serious strain.

Our Neck Takes The Strain!

When you are carrying a load on your shoulder, your neck naturally leans away from the load to help your body balance.  This creates tension on the stretched side and compromises the opposite side, as well as causing space between the neck and shoulders. This irritates a group of collective nerves that exit the cervical spine and run into the arm called the brachial plexus.  When this area is irritated and inflamed it can cause numbness, tingling into the arm, and over time, this could trigger an ‘acute episode’, — the muscles can spasm, restricting movement and causing pain, in the neck, shoulder, and arm.


Fatigued muscles do not hold your spine correctly 

The shoulder, bearing the load is rotated backwards and raised the whole time you carry the load.  This affects the muscles shoulder blades and muscles supporting the spine; this tires these muscles.  Fatigued muscles do not hold your spine correctly, resulting in a slumped and curved shoulders and back.

This can cause the facet joints of the spine to dislocate and affect the vertebrae and discs.

Carrying heavy loads over time can lead to disc degeneration and prolapse.  This is very painful and requires surgery to fix.


Bodywork on a regular basis,  and awareness is key!

Being aware of your posture and avoiding carrying heavy loads on one side can diminish the incident of long term issues to your neck and back.  Bodywork on a regular basis also helps realign your muscles and gives them the attention needed to release the strain and tension on problem areas.


Next month I will continue looking at neck and upper back pain triggers.


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