Feeling F*@%ing great, and why I went back to school, again.

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I love what I do as a body-worker, and Active Release Technique is the game changer for getting you out of pain and feeling great again.  How I get folks back to pain free living is a combo approach that we jokingly refer to as my magic juju, but we try and keep that of the DL because you know, burning at the stake and such.

As I worked with more and more people I noticed that there was something that blocked them from getting fully energized and healed. I just kept coming back to, “there has to be something that I am missing; there has to be something that I can do to help them get back to being active and healed”.

We would get one area back to being able to move smoother and freer, and then something else would pop up.  Most of my clients would come in saying well my doctor put me on this or that and it sort of helped, but I still can’t get back to working out yet.

I pushed to figure things out, and having sweet clients who put up with my ever-annoying questions, was key to what I found!

Finally it hit me, it was what they were eating that limited what level of pain freedom I could get them.

Soft tissue pain is directly connected to what we put into our bodies and how our bodies process these foods.   There are many foods that cause inflammation and are related to our chronic pain cycles.  These can be foods like anything processed, sugar and refined grains. (see List of Foods to Avoid).

So that’s when I went back to school to learn as much as I could about Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition.  This was the key to inflammation reduction, more energy, and faster more complete healing!

After finishing the program I started introducing a 21 day transition plan with a few of my clients.   I have seen huge changes in the folks that have embraced this new lifestyle.  I’ve even had a few clients who just want to hop on the plan to lose weight.  That wasn’t the reason I brought the new program into the business but it’s been a fantastic side note!  And they all have reported feeling so much better in all aspects of their life and they were shocked to see how fast and simple it was.

I always say once your lifestyle is about fueling your beautiful god pod, you won’t want to go back to beating it up.  One client, a young college student was having horrible bouts of IBS and after suggesting she try the 21 day plan just to see if that might help both her issue we were working on as well as the IBS, she was in.  A month later she has gone off all her meds and is maintaining feeling great by diet alone! Plus her recurrent leg pain has all but disappeared!

I’ve attached a great little list of foods that cause inflammatory responses.  It’s great to download and put it on your fridge and pick one or two things to start eliminating from your diet.  Sometimes these little changes make a difference and you can ease into the meat free zones! Because lets face some people are true carnivores and it may take a bit of convincing!

I’ve had full on carnivores that vowed they would never eat vegetarian let alone vegan and here they are 20 lbs. lighter and loving the vegan way of eating.  He called me up and said “ I feel like I need to apologize for all the hassle I gave people over the years for not eating meat, because I feel f*@%ing fantastic! And I haven’t had meat or dairy for 2 months, and by the way I can run again, I am up to 5 miles!”
This was a client that had tons of issue from and injury that caused his subtalar joint to be fused, and subsequent ankle and calf issue that side lined his running for years.  We got him feeling pretty good so he could get back to working out and strengthen with some running but there was that ever-persistent inflammation that kept popping up.  Enter better nutrition and viola! He turned the corner!

There are many more stories like this on line and with other plant based Nutritionist out there, so you can see this isn’t a fad diet that is just getting press.  It’s a way of life that we all need to embrace for many benefits.  Because, this isn’t a short term spin around the block on the broom stick to get you feeling good for a bit, it is a life time of health, energy, and just plain feeling f*@%ing fantastic!

When you’re ready to magically transforming your health, with this new lifestyle, Set up your consult with me by visiting www.medicalmassagecincinnati.com and view the nutrition page for more info.

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