Massage vs. Medical Massage

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Healing Medical Massage

So lately I have been getting a recurring question: “What is the difference between a ‘massage’ and a ‘medical massage’?

Well let me start off by saying any massage therapist you seek should be licensed!  Look for licensing certifications.  This ensures you have someone who went to school and understands the body.  Someone who is trained in the basic techniques needed to preform manual therapy, regular massage or medical.

Healing Medical MassageThere are a great many benefits received from regular massage. This manual therapy is a centuries old tradition of manipulation of soft tissues that promote relaxation, primarily.  While the muscles are warmed and relaxed the calming effects set in and the client is eased of tensions and with the increase of endorphins, pain can be decreased.  While in the state of relaxation, the body can get a break from the stressors bombarding it daily.  Massage also enhances the immune system, helping to fight off and strengthen the body’s ability to resist infection.

Benefits of medical massage are inclusive to what you would receive with relaxation massage and with its advanced therapies can go far beyond just your average spa luxury.

Medical massage dives a bit deeper into therapies. Medical Massage therapists have a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology, they understand pathologies, an understanding of orthopedics and osteology.   LMMT’s can treat specifically diagnosed conditions from a physician and can be used in sports related injuries to rehabilitate and help the athlete to avoid recurring injuries.  Medical massage therapist usually have training in advanced therapies that may include Myofascial release, Trigger Point Release, Active Release Therapy, Neuromuscular therapy, Rolfing, and Cranio-Sacral work, just to name a few.

Along with advanced therapies of medical massage, combining it with other energy therapies such as healing touch, reiki, and a host of other energy based techniques brings in another level of extremely great medicine!

Either way massage is great therapy.  More and more the western medical community is partnering with complementary medicine to fill the gap they cannot cross.  Partnering with a medical massage therapist and your physician can be an outstanding step to greater wellness.

So whether you are looking for help recovering from an injury or surgery, chronic pain of migraines, for just a little time to relax and be nurtured, contact Suzanne.

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