Ever Wish You Had a Reset Button?

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Reset Button

October 31 is one of the highlights of my year—I use this time as my new year. This extra time I get before December 31 I use to reflect on the events of the past year before the calendar says it’s time to move on. This year, we have had some craziness, and just recently some not so nice weather pelted our area on the country. All through the year we have had some strange conditions: high winds, tornados, high temperatures, more rain, colder temperatures, and snow…so far!

This has made me think back to my family and friends’ vacation in beautiful Siesta Key, Florida. My family and friends are a wonderful bunch that love to talk and discuss everything! Our views range from far left to right and some in between. We are an eclectic group when it comes to politics, religion, medicine, and health. Although, the latter seems to be something we come back too time and again.

I have heard these common statements from my clients:

  • “I feel so out of shape, unhealthy, and tired.”
  • “I don’t have time to do anything for myself.”
  • “Wow, I would love to have a reset button and find my healthy self again!”
  • “I can’t seem to get this neck tightness and pain worked out.”
  • “I was thinner and healthier before kids. I’ll never get back there.”
  • “I am working so much I can’t take time for anything but work and house
  • chores.”
  • “My idea of dinner is nacho cheese and chips. Isn’t that healthy?”
  • “I hurt all the time, and all I do is sit at my desk!”
  • “I used to work out all the time. When did I stop? Can I have a do-over?”

I hear all of this, including the extreme of wanting a certain body image. Someone wanting to force themselves to be something they are not, all to fit a “type.” Most times, that “type” comes at the expense of their health and wellbeing.

Being healthy and well may not look like it is portrayed in magazines. Being healthy is giving your body, mind, and spirit what it needs to be the best. That may not be a size two with a perfect breasts, a tiny waist, or long legs. But rather a body beautifully cared for, whatever the size or shape. Health is seen in the glow of someone’s skin, their energy level, their smile, and self confidence. This is seen miles ahead of their image. It is in the care and time they give and get for themselves.

I am sad that we as a whole don’t allow enough time for ourselves to be nurtured and taken care of. And sometimes, when we do get the time, we push ourselves too hard to try and fit a vision of someone else’s idea of what is healthy or beautiful.

These amazingly beautifully built creations that are our bodies need care, respect and love. Take time to heal, exercise to be strong, eat really good food to nourish, and take time to clear your mind and feel good about you!

So this bring me to the announcement I have for you.

If you have ever wanted to hit a reset button for the way your body feels, on your health, or on your feelings, this may be for you! If you want to ease away that pain, realign yourself, get healthy, feel good, and glow, then check the plan I’ve created to help you get to a place of power that will radiate from within. I will help you take care of your beautiful self and be with you every step of the way.

If you want a new personal training plan and a weight loss program this is NOT for you! But if you want to reset and reconnect to feeling good, take a look at the info page. This program is all for you and about what I can help you achieve. The bodywork alone will do amazing things to help you feel better, but adding all the other support will give you what you need to reclaim your wellbeing.

Re-Set and Empower!  Starts today! Click here to find out more!

Reset Button

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