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Toby Christensen - Shift it!

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the break in our weather (if you are living in the mid west)!  Crazy hot it has been! And I found my usual outdoorsy self, clamoring to get into the air conditioning and out of the thick pea soup air!  Which in turn made me, well, kind of cranky!

Yep, We All Have Days Like This!

So you know those days when all of a sudden you find you’re in a funk? I was kind of sad, mad, and just plain ol pissy!  At almost everything!  I am usually the “lets get it done” and the “no drama here” kind of girl!  I can do serious but love the fun!

I was sliding towards a big ol’ pool of nasty talk, judgmental comments and snarky SNARK!

Then the bitches in my head started, Oh I am sure you know of whom I speak!  The fear voices, the voices that start off something like this. ” …..What will people think of me if I can’t pull my own butt out of days like this? ‘People who help others heal don’t do this. They are above it,…”

Then it hit me!!

A gifted, talented teacher, author and visionary leader in Craniosacral work, Hugh Milne said this:

“Clients expect us (therapists, teachers, healers) to be impeccable.  They expect us to be miles ahead of them in our personal growth, almost superhuman.  Of course this is unrealistic.”

Anyone who is human gets triggered or tripped by funky energy and situations and circumstances that just catch you when you are low on the “good” stuff. What makes the difference is what we do when it hits.

So I pulled out my not so secret weapon for days like this and turned it up, I turned it way up, LOUD!  And in about an hour I noticed I was chair dancing (since I had tons of business work to do I was at my desk most of the day!).  And by the time I needed to re enter the real word of people and clients I felt good, and not just good, but really good, focused, energized!  (ahhhh) So, I am back, full up on the good mojo making train!

So, about my “not so secret weapon”.

Well, I have this a-maaz-ing man in my life, he is truly a gifted guru of the drum and well really not just the drum, but guitar, percussion, bass, on and on.  And not just music!  He is really a maestro of healing, a therapist in his own right, a walker of other worlds.  He can talk to you for a few minutes and knows what your soul essence needs.  With his musical genes, and many years of study he weaves some beautifully complex rhythms that gently shifts your body’s energy to a more positive state. Helping you to “do the work” easily.  The most profound effects and results happen just by listening or being in the vibration of this music!

My hope is that everyone experiences this revolutionary tool for improving not only your yucky days, and tough weeks but ultimately your life!

Toby Christensen - Shift it!Find Toby Christensen at his website:

Let the music heal you!

Shine on!


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