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Suzanne Lautz Singh


This is my first blog, Really, first EVER! And well, I have to admit there is a ton of things I would love to talk about. I am just not so sure where to start! So I will make my notes and just use this time to introduce my plan for this blog to you!

Suzanne Lautz Singh

Suzanne Lautz Singh

A Friendly Place

The thing that I do know for sure is that I really want this place to be a welcoming, friendly place to just sit and chat! I love that! You know the feeling when you get time with a great friend who shares your ideas on tons of areas, and you could just talk forever? That is what I hope you find here!

Learning Together

I hope it will also be a place to push your ideas, open your mind to new and exciting trends and topics. My plan is to keep a good stream of information coming your way to do just that!

I will pass on my lessons for fitness, body basics and information to keep you healthy, strong, and grounded. It may be with links to friends of mine with amazingly cool information, or it may be articles by world-renowned specialists in the field of bodywork and healing.


I have found that the more information you have the better supplied you are to handle most anything that comes your way and if you can laugh a bit, or a lot all the better!

Laughter is one of the best healing exercises! You might find a silly story from the book of my life. I laugh a lot these days and to be honest I am the happiest I have been! I would like to share these laughs with you, too.

Accentuate the Positive

And one last thing, this is a site for lovers! No haters allowed here. I welcome great ideas, good discussions, friendly notes. But let’s keep this a positive place, welcoming everyone’s individuality! Diversity is what makes us all so fascinating!

If you’re craving insight into a foreign topic, if it fits here, drop me a note and I will do my best to track down some solid, helpful information to meet your needs.

So, Welcome! Lets chat!

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