Chronic Pain and Understanding Its Triggers to Inflammation

Our bodies are fascinating vessels that carry us through our daily routines, designed to protect us from injuries or illnesses along the way. Let’s face it: even the most cautious of us occasionally stub a toe or catch a cold. This is when the body’s superhero response mechanism is called to action by releasing chemicals that help clear the garbage, stop the leakage from the tissues and neutralizing the harmed area.   This response calls the alert for the immune response to make sure the body is safe and begins the healing process.


Our nature response, the body is doin exactly the right things here!!


But what happens when the response system itself is injured? Chronic inflammation occurs when our superhero immunity works around the clock, 24/7. Just like working overtime can cause us to burn out and snapping at our coworkers or family members, the immune system is no different. When this response mechanism is overworked from constantly standing guard it eventually turns on itself and damages the tissues, organs and processes it is designed to protect by continuously releasing inflammation-promoting elements into the body. This starts the attack on other less serious areas, or areas that have already got a handle on injuries. The body starts to “beat up” on areas that don’t need the response. This chronic inflammation is an underlying trigger of countless diseases and conditions in today’s frantic society: everything from obesity, heart disease and auto-immune disorders, to cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.


How exactly does the deadly 24/7 shift begin? While some of us may have a generic predisposition, there are unhealthy choices we make every day that may lead to chronic inflammation. For example, not moving enough. Our bodies were made for getting around. Exercise increases the amount of antioxidants in your body, thus attacking free radicals that can lead to inflammation. Or we move a lot, which isn’t bad but when we don’t take care of areas of irritation from over use then this whole crazy confused cycle starts again and can domino the effect of inflammation!



Another contributing factor, Daily stress with no periods of relaxation encourages inflammatory responses from our bodies: insomnia, depression or anxiety results when our bodies are constantly on “high alert” and ready to fight potential trauma by continuing to dump tons of cortisol into the system. Taking a little time to practice daily meditations allows your body a chance to decompress from whatever life has decided to throw at you.


The number one influence on chronic inflammation is diet. The modern diet is too often laden with high levels of sugar and carbs and fats and “refined this” and “refined that.” Where are the vitamins? Where are the minerals? Where the heck is the real food?


Food has a direct influence on the body’s inflammatory response and is the starting point I encourage all of my clients to take when overhauling their lifestyle. Research has proven that two-thirds of our body’s defenses reside in our gastrointestinal tract. (Thank that stomach of yours for doing the good deeds!) Knowing that, doesn’t it make sense that the food we choose to eat is a major component of combating chronic inflammation?


I work with many people just like you, athletes, as well as those just trying to get back to feeling good, with the bodywork I do we focus on the areas of irritation but also on how to adapt eating habits around a whole food, plant based lifestyle, abundant with fruit and veggies and legumes and whole grains. Optimal health centers around a steady, high quality energy source for your mind and body, and provides the correct levels of vitamins, minerals, fiber and fatty acids that allow you to flourish and nourish! A whole food, plant based lifestyle provides you with just that. I’ve assisted many people on their nutritional and pain free journey through my one-on-one coaching and establishing meal plans that fuel your body and set you up for success. Introducing ways to deregulate from the high stressors in their lives has added tools for them to manage day-to-day living in a more holistic manner.


It’s time to take control people! You are the only person standing in the way of the best you, the most healthy you. So make the change! Stop the cycle and step on up to a full and healthy life!


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